EF Pädagogik/Psychologie (Englisch)

Are you interested in questions of human life and behaviour? Would you like to know better how people think, act and feel in certain situations? Then your questions will be answered in Pedagogy/Psychology. We shall deal with the following topics:

Basic Questions of Education
What is education? Is education necessary? Which educational aims, methods and styles exist and which effects do they have?

History and Education
Which historical perspectives are there in education?

Exemplary Questions in Education
E.g. Education and media, aggression and violence, family, gender roles, generation gap.
What influence does televison have on children? How do computer games influence youth violence? How have families changed in the last century?

Basic Questions of Psychology
What are the functions, aims and methods of psychological research? What psychological models are there?

What laws of perception are there? Why do people have prejudices?

Social Psychology
How does group membership develop? How do people act in groups?

Learning Psychology
How is human behaviour and experience learnt and changed?

Developmental Psychology
How do human beings develop? How do cognitive abilites, intelligence, language develop?

Communication and Conflicts
Why are there misunderstandings? How can we prevent conflicts from occurring?

Exemplary Questions in Psychology
E.g. How does the way we perceive ourselves differ from the way others perceive us and how do di-verging perceptions affect us? What ideas do we associate with femininity and masculinity and what impact does this have on us?

Another aim of this course is to gain a critical distance to personal theories through extensive research and reading in Pedagogy/Psychology.

The opportunity to participate in group discussions and to develop problem solving abilities is offered. Projects (observations, surveys, interviews) are included. A genuine interest in reading and discussing in English is an absolute must.

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