EF Religion (Englisch)

This course – held on religiously neutral ground – is aimed at students who are interested in

  • the various answers people all over the world have given and still give to such eternal questions as «Why is there life?», «What is the purpose of living?», «Is there a God, and if so, what is his/her role?»
  • the religious practices and the symbols developed in our own multicultural society
  • our Jewish-Christian tradition
  • the world religions: Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism
  • the inter-religious dialogue: Which Christian and Eastern ideas can be brought together and what could the West and the East possibly learn from one another?
  • modern religious approaches to vital ethical problems (e.g. abortion, birth control, euthanasia, death penalty, war and peace)
  • why religion (or rather: its abuse) so often contributes to conflicts in the world
  • the modern critique of religion
  • the change of seeing God and salvation by having a close look at works of art and various texts, both old and modern.

Work will be carried out in class, in groups and individually, and room will be given to following up the students’ own interests.

Excursions – one day excursion per year in addition to one short outing during lessons per semester – are organized as part of the programme to get in contact with other beliefs.

This course will be held in English («teaching by immersion») so as to offer a further opportunity to use this language. Of course, the students’ knowledge of English will not be marked. For this reason all the tests are being offered in both an English and a German version.

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